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What is Vaping?

Vaping refers to the use of an electronic device that heats a liquid (or e-liquid) turning it into an aerosol (sometimes referred to as “vapour”) which the user inhales. Vaping is intended for adult smokers and former smokers who want a less harmful alternative to cigarettes. 

Vaping vs Smoking vs Heated Tobacco

Vaping is not smoking: this should be the basis for any decision that is looking to decrease smoker numbers. The future of anti-smoking legislation is differentiation

Vaping – a Highly Regulated Market

Vaping is, quite rightly, highly regulated to make sure products are safe to use. The EU has a number of laws that apply to vaping products.

Vaping and Public Health

Vaping can play a role in the fight against cancer and other tobacco-related diseases.

Vaping Facts

Independent, well controlled scientific studies show that vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking, and helps ex-smokers stay off cigarettes.

Myth busters

Millions of former smokers in Europe used vaping to stop tobacco consumption. Although these products have been on the market since 2007, there is still a lot of misinformation about them.

Here, we aim to dispel some of these myths and let the facts speak for themselves.